TOHO announced on Wednesday it will begin streaming the second season of the 1978 American-animated series Godzilla on YouTube on June 6. The “Godzilla Official by TOHOYouTube channel began streaming a trailer for the season on Thursday.

The YouTube channel began streaming the first season of the series on August 10. According to the channel, the “never-before-released on home video” series has been “rarely seen in over 40 years.” The seasons have 13 episodes each and the second season originally premiered in 1979.

Netflix debuted the Godzilla Singular Point anime series in Japan in March 2021, and launched the anime outside of Japan on June 24.

The iconic TOHO monster previously also inspired the two-part Susume! Godzilland educational animation in 1994 and 1996, the 1998 American-animated Godzilla: The Series, and the 2018 animated Tadaima! Chibi Godzilla shorts for the web and theaters.

Source: Email correspondence