Japanese animator Atsushi Wada, France’s Miyu Productions, and Japan’s New Deer’s animated transient titled “Bird in the Peninsula” premiered at the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival on February 11. The transient had its public premiere on February 15 and acquired a specific level out from the International Short Film Jury.

The Berlin International Film Festival describes the transient:

The boys are rehearsing a dance for his or her typical initiation ceremony into maturity; their coach instructs them. A lady observes the scene nevertheless is not going to be allowed to affix in. When one in each of the boys chases after a wierd rooster, she follows him with out realizing why. One day, the boy will no longer be able to see the rooster each.

Emmanuel-Alain Raynal, Pierre Baussaron, and Nobuaki Doi co-produced the transient film. Mio Adachi composed the music with Masumi Takino on sound design.

Wada had mentioned that in addition to exhibiting ritualistic actions the place people switch in a circle in unison, he wants to find the which suggests and place of the “ritual.” Wada had been planning this mission for better than ten years and pursued it when equipped the different.

Wada handled the “Autumn” section for animation primarily based totally on Antonio Vivaldi’s classical concerto assortment The Four Seasons. A crowdfunding mission funded the animation in 2017.

Wada beforehand acquired the award of The Silver Bear for the Best Short Film and the Special Prize award at the Hiroshima International Animation Festival for his “The Great Rabbit” anime transient in 2012. Wada directed the seven-minute transient with French backing. The film held its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2012.

Wada’s “Anomalies” transient film was a Jury Selection at the seventeenth Japan Media Arts Festival Awards in 2013. The film is described as follows: “We try to enrich ourselves through prayer, faith and devotion to someone or something else. Similarly, we believe in the existence of ‘anomalies,’ such as unknowable and uncontrollable monsters.” Wada animated the “In a Pig’s Eye” (“Wakaranai Buta”) transient in 2010.

Thanks to Jordan Scott for the data tip.

Source: Berlin International Film Festival’s website