Game programmer and director Yuji Naka revealed on Twitter on Thursday that he had filed a lawsuit in opposition to Square Enix following his departure from the company. He talked about he can now talk out in regards to the state of affairs as a result of the trial has ended, although he did not give particulars in regards to the outcomes of the trial.

Naka claimed that based mostly on court docket docket paperwork, Square Enix eradicated him as a result of the director of the Balan Wonderworld recreation six months sooner than the game launched as a consequence of a strained relationship with the game’s developer Arzest, and a dispute over the game’s soundtrack. Naka added that based mostly on court docket docket paperwork, Square Enix eradicated him as a result of the director as a consequence of objections from the producer, head of promoting, head of sound, managing director, and human belongings on the agency.

Naka talked about he employed a lawyer to help him negotiate the facility to current suggestions to the builders up until the game launched since “improving a game up until the very last minute is what a game creator is,” nevertheless as Square Enix rejected his requests, he decided to take the matter to court docket docket.

Naka stated he had wanted to boost the game as Arzest had submitted it with out fixing bugs, and based mostly on him, court docket docket paperwork confirmed Square Enix personnel stated the connection between Square Enix and Arzest broke down after his suggestions in regards to the recreation’s bugs. Regarding the soundtrack drawback, Naka talked about he made an objection to the game’s promotional supplies using an organized piano effectivity instead of the distinctive recreation observe, since based mostly on him an genuine recreation ought to make use of an genuine tune instead of an organized mannequin. Naka added the court docket docket paperwork stated his insistence on using the distinctive tune prompted problem in the middle of the manufacturing.

He claimed Square Enix eradicated him as a result of the director whereas the game was nonetheless in an unfinished state after which launched the game equally in an unfinished state. He moreover apologized to followers who purchased the game in that state.

Naka concluded his Twitter thread by stating, “I think that Square Enix and Arzest are companies that do not care about games or game fans.”

Naka resigned from Square Enix on the end of April 2021. He had stated on the time that he could not make clear the reason for the resignation, nevertheless would talk about it publicly when the time obtained right here. He then announced in September 2021 he was making a smartphone recreation as a solo creator, and he released the “hyper-casual” SHOT2048 smartphone game on December 18.

Naka labored for 22 years at Sega. He is the earlier head of the Sonic Team and lead programmer of the distinctive Sonic the Hedgehog video video games for Sega Genesis. He moreover labored on such video video games as Nights into Dreams and Phantasy Star Online whereas at Sega.

Naka is the president and CEO of the PROPE recreation development agency, which he based mostly in 2006 after leaving Sega. At PROPE, he labored on such video video games as Fishing Resort, Buddy Monster, and Legend of Coin.

Naka joined Square Enix in January 2018. Square Enix launched Balan Wonderworld for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC by the use of Steam in March 2021.

Image by the use of Yuji Naka‘s Twitter account

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