Bloomberg reported on Tuesday that Sega is rising “big-budget reboots” of its Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi Dreamcast video video games as part of the company’s present Super Game initiative.

The Crazy Taxi reboot recreation has reportedly been in development for a 12 months, nevertheless Sega has however to launch any particulars relating to the game.

Video recreation unit chief Shuji Utsumi is answerable for the Super Game initiative. Sega began collaborating with Microsoft on the initiative ultimate November.

Jet Set Radio launched in June 2000. It acquired a 2D remake for mobile models in June 2001 and a remake for the Game Boy Advance in June 2003. The recreation obtained a high-definition port for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation Vita, iOS and Android in 2012. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania recreation added the Jet Set Radio character Rudie as a playable character on October 5.

Crazy Taxi initially launched in arcades in February 1999 after which on the Sega Dreamcast console in January 2000. The recreation has two sequels and has two ported re-releases inside the kind of Crazy Taxi: Catch a Ride for Gameboy Advance and Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars for PlayStation Portable. The free-to-play Android and iOS recreation Crazy Taxi City Rush launched in March 2014 and the Crazy Taxi Tycoon spin-off recreation launched for Android and iOS in 2017.

Source: Bloomberg (Takashi Mochizuki) by means of Kotaku