U.S.-based digital author Comikey launched on Friday that it will publish Yakimo Handsome Saitо̄’s 1000 Yen Hero and Nanao Nanaki’s Völundio ~Divergent Sword Saga~ manga for simulpublication. The agency will publish translations of every sequence weekly.

Comikey describes 1000 Yen Hero:

1000 Yen Hero is a wacky action-packed sequence from rookie creator Yakiimo Handsome Saitou that brings a novel twist to the fundamental monsters versus heroes battle story: the heroes’ powers run at a cost of yen-per-second. This is the creator’s first official publication, and it packs a indicate punch!

Saitо̄ launched 1000 Yen Hero on the Manga ONE service in August 2017 and ended it in October 2020. The manga’s thirteenth and remaining amount shipped in December 2020.

Comikey describes Völundio ~Divergent Sword Saga~:

Völundio ~Divergent Sword Saga~ is an action-packed prequel to the runaway hit sequence Helck“, from creator Nanao Nanaki. As a grasp of blending fantasy and comedy, her latest sequence as quickly as as soon as extra fuses laughs, heartwarming moments, and rich world-building, to tug readers proper right into a story they won’t have the flexibility to place down until the final word chapter.

Nanaki launched the Völundio ~Divergent Sword Saga~ manga on the Manga ONE service in August 2020. The third compiled information amount shipped on Thursday.

Nanaki began serializing the fantasy manga Helck on the Manga ONE and Ura Sunday firms in 2014, and ended it in 2017. Shogakukan revealed the manga in 12 volumes.

The Helck manga is getting an anime adaptation.

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