The staff for the live-action assortment adaptation of Ayako Noda‘s Double manga revealed 10 strong members on Wednesday.

The newly launched strong accommodates (from left to correct starting with third image on excessive row):

  • Nanami Sakuraba as Kazue Tsumeta
  • Horii Arata as Tsukumo Todoroki
  • Haruka Kudō as Aki Imagire
  • Misuzu Kanno as Hanae Funato
  • Kanji Tsuda as Sо̄ichi Kurozu
  • Shunya Itabashi as Akio Mizuno
  • Tomoya Maeno as Tatsuhiko Kawakami
  • Ron Mizuma as Shinya Nagata
  • Jun Hashimoto as Director
  • Shinobu Nakayama as Minami Kamino

The assortment will premiere on WOWOW Prime, WOWOW 4K, and WOWOW on Demand corporations on June 4. Yudai Chiba (left in image below) and Kento Nagayama (correct) star as Takara and Yuujin, respectively.

Kazuhiro Nakagawa (Shin Godzilla assistant director) is directing the gathering, with scripts by Eriko Yoshida (Tiger & Bunny: The Comic).

Tokyopop licensed the manga, and it launched the first amount on January 25. The agency describes the manga:

Yuujin Kamoshima and Takara Takarada are fellow actors within the an identical theater troupe who dwell subsequent door to 1 one different, with associated day after day lives.

Though they aren’t exactly shut buddies, when Yuujin is strong as Takara’s double, he sees first hand his extraordinary showing talents and is blown away. From that second on, he’s determined to help him succeed and assist him in his dream of becoming a world renowned actor, even when Yuujin must be in his shadow. But as a result of the showing world begins to take uncover, that’s less complicated acknowledged than completed…

The manga debuted on Hero’s Inc.‘s Flat Hero’s website in January 2019. The manga’s fourth compiled e book amount shipped in Japan in May 2021.

The manga acquired the Excellence Award on the twenty third Japan Media Arts Festival in 2020.

The author futekiya has licensed three of Noda’s boys’ love manga beneath the pen determine Niboshiko Arai: Inga no Sakana, Gatapishi, and Adana wo Kure.

Source: Comic Natalie