Funimation launched on Friday that it will stream an English dub for the television anime/live-action assortment of Moriko Mori and Cota Tomimura‘s Gal & Dino (Gal to Kyōryū) manga. The agency will stream all 12 dubbed episodes on Saturday.

The cast comprises:

  • Macy Anne Johnson as Kaede
  • Anairis Quiñones as Yamada
  • Yuri Lowenthal as Shouta and Shōta Aoi
  • Andra Bruce as Landlady
  • Doug Stone as Mieharu
  • Wayne Grayson as Narrator
  • Jonathan Fahn as Kazetani
  • Frank Todaro as Norimachi

Michael Sinterniklaas is producing the English dub at NYAV Post. Andy Roth is directing the English dub. Stephanie Sheh is the casting director. Zoe Martin is supervising the script. Jordan Fox is the recording engineer and audio editor. Shaun Cromwell is accountable for mixing. Heather Gonzalez is the manufacturing supervisor, and Zoe Martin and Clark Cheng are the manufacturing assistants.

The assortment premiered on Tokyo MX and BS11 in April 2020. The assortment delayed new episodes because of new coronavirus sickness (COVID-19). Funimation streamed the Gal & Dino assortment as a result of it aired in Japan. The television assortment has an anime half and a live-action half.

Jun Aoki (Pop Team Epic) served as assortment script supervisor and assortment director. Tōru Kanegae was the sound director, Yasumasa Koyama was credited for sound outcomes, Glovision was the sound producer, and Gin (Busted Rose) composed the music. King Records was the music producer. Kotaro Sudo and Shin Furukawa had been the chief producers, and Riko Koarai and Akira Yonezawa had been producers. Space Neko Company and Kamikaze Douga had been credited for animation manufacturing on the anime.

The manga’s story begins when a gyaru, or “gal,” named Kaede picks up a dinosaur and begins residing with it in her room. The dinosaur eats human meals, watches TV, and even enjoys being fashionable.

Mori and Tomimura, a married couple, launched the manga in Kodansha‘s Young Magazine in October 2018. Kodansha revealed the manga’s seventh compiled information amount on Friday.

Kodansha Comics licensed the manga digitally beneath the title My Roomie Is a Dino. The sixth amount debuted on January 11.

Source: Funimation (Liam Dempsey)