J-Novel Club introduced throughout its livestream on Friday that it has licensed the next manga and lightweight novel collection. All manga could have their first chapters obtainable after the tip of the stream. The first two components of the primary quantity of all gentle novels will likely be obtainable as effectively.

Title: Gushing Over Magical Girls manga
Creator: Akihiro Ononaka
Synopsis: Hi, I’m Hiiragi Utena. I’m a standard magical-girl-loving center
faculty lady—or a minimum of I used to be, however then some speaking mascot
confirmed up out of the blue and forged a spell on me! Now’s my
likelihood to hitch my beloved magical women as…a villain? Hang on,
one thing’s fallacious with my outfit! This cannot be occurring!

Watch this shy magical-girl fan remodel right into a sadistic
dominatrix! When good and evil collide, who would be the one to

Title: Sometimes Even Reality Is a Lie! manga
Creator: Niichi
Synopsis: Kaoru Terasaki is a gamer who’s into MMORPGs, and he is
lastly assembly up with somebody he is been pals with
in-game for a protracted whereas—this time, offline and in particular person. He’s
fearful that his pal will likely be disillusioned to see Kaoru is a
man, not like his feminine character within the sport. But he is the one
who’s in for a shock when, as an alternative of one other man, his pal
seems to be a cute lady, Nanami Osaka.

On prime of that, Nanami advised her dad and mom that she could be
bringing a pal over—a feminine pal. Even worse, Nanami’s
dad is the tremendous overprotective sort who will not enable any guys
close to his daughter. There’s just one answer to this dilemma: Kaoru has to cross-dress
as a woman! Will Kaoru’s efforts repay ultimately?! Will Kaoru and Nanami stay simply
pals, or will their time collectively IRL change every part? Follow their
romantic-comedy adventures to seek out out!

Title: Doll-Kara manga
Creators: Hanamura, based mostly on an unique story by Kazuyoshi Ishii with script by Kei Ryuzoji
Synopsis: Kazuyoshi Ishii, the founding father of the martial arts group Ok-1,
had been despatched to jail for tax evasion. After serving his
sentence, he exits Shizuoka Prison solely to be instantly
killed by a rushing truck and reincarnated within the physique of Kei
Ichinose—a comatose highschool lady?! Twenty years for the reason that
genesis of Ok-1, the MMA world’s downside solver now inhabits
the physique of a schoolgirl and involves grips with the karate he
left behind on this story of youthful spirit and dedication.

Title: The Saga of Lioncourt manga
Creators: Nagy, based mostly on an unique work by Hiroaki Ogura with unique character designs by toi8
Synopsis: Tadashi Tanaka is your typical workplace employee. However, most cancers
brings his life to an abrupt finish on the age of forty-one.
Seemingly coming to consciousness posthumously, he finds
himself standing in a world resembling medieval Europe.
Much just like the Middle Ages, there aren’t any furnaces right here, individuals
eat with their palms, and pigs roam free within the streets. Worst of
all, wars between nations are an on a regular basis prevalence.

Now, Tadashi Tanaka should dwell his second life as Varian de
Lioncourt. Can an odd workplace employee survive on this merciless

Varian’s rise to energy begins right here!

Title: Fushi no Kami: Rebuilding Civilization Starts with a Village manga
Creators: Yoruno Kuroki, based mostly on the unique novels by Mizūmi Amakawa with unique character designs by Mai Okuma
Synopsis: When the civilizations of yesteryear fade from reminiscence and
turn into fanciful fantasy, the one proof of their
existence…are books.

Ash, a younger boy residing in a distant farming village, holds a
secret—he possesses reminiscences of a distant and extra
bountiful previous life. Days of toiling within the fields have given rise to
a burning need: to deliver extra enjoyment to the on a regular basis
doldrum of his dreary current day!

And whereas books could be the reply, Ash…cannot really learn!
But the place there’s a will, there’s a method. Join Ash as he battles illiteracy and units his
sights on a greater life!

Title: Housekeeping Mage from Another World: Making Your Adventures Feel Like Home! manga
Creators: Akihito Ono, based mostly on the unique novels by You Fuguruma with unique character designs by Nama
Synopsis: Alec, an A-rank adventurer, meets Shiori, a girl with the
mysterious appellation “housekeeping mage.” She has so little
magical energy that she’s ineffective as a fight mage, however to
make up for it, she makes use of her magic to care for all of the each day
chores of an expedition, like washing and cooking,

As Alec adventures with Shiori, her novel use of magic gives
a heat bathtub and scrumptious meals…in different phrases, an
surroundings a lot too snug to be referred to as “camping”!
He’s utterly taken along with her, however she has a sure secret…

Title: VTuber Legend: How I Went Viral After Forgetting to Turn Off My Stream gentle novel
Creators: Nana Nanato with illustrations by Siokazunoko
Synopsis: Twenty-year-old former wage slave Yuki Tanaka now works
amongst her idols: the streamers of Live-On, considered one of Japan’s prime
VTuber firms. As the attractive, well mannered Awayuki Kokorone,
she delivers solely probably the most ladylike content material. Unfortunately, her
subscriber rely and financial savings are at all-time low.

One night, after Yuki thinks she’s ended her stream, she
cracks a number of chilly ones—and various crude
jokes—whereas watching Live-On’s video archives. But her
viewers hear all of it, and clips of her bawdy, drunken
commentary go viral in a single day. Yuki thinks her profession is
over…till her supervisor reveals that everybody at Live-On has been ready for her to
snap all alongside and provides her free rein to drink on-stream.

Now freed from all feigned purity, she jumps proper into her new “rowdy drunk” character
and is welcomed into the fold by her fellow Live-On VTubers, who transform simply
as loopy as she is! With her views and funds skyrocketing, Yuki’s work—for the primary
time in her life—is definitely enjoyable!

Title: D-Genesis: Three Years after the Dungeons Appeared gentle novel
Creators: Tsuranori Kono with illustrations by ttl
Synopsis: Three years in the past, dungeons all of the sudden appeared on Earth after
an experiment in Area 51 went awry. Now everybody—from
common residents to troopers—explores these monster-filled
labyrinths seeking wealth, energy, and magic.

Keigo Yoshimura is an workplace employee with no sense of
journey, who goals of quitting his job to dwell the simple life.
While out on a enterprise name, he stumbles on the start of a
new dungeon and unintentionally positive aspects a magical ability that turns
subterranean exploration into an RPG. Things spiral out of
management and Keigo winds up because the world’s prime explorer.

With assist from Azusa Miyoshi, his mathematically gifted colleague and new enterprise
accomplice in dungeon diving, he would possibly have the ability to flip the standing screens he sees into
piles of money. Unfortunately, Keigo finally ends up below the scrutiny of the army,
authorities companies, and much more sinister forces. What occurred to his dream of
taking it straightforward?!

Title: The Misfit of Demon King Academy gentle novel
Creators: SHU with illustrations by Shizumayoshinori
Synopsis: Tired of ceaseless conflict destroying people, spirits, and demons
alike, the Demon King of Tyranny, Anos Voldigoad,
reincarnates to revive peace. Two thousand years have
handed…however who may have identified that his descendants’
complacency would trigger magic to regress a lot? After
receiving an invite to the illustrious Demon King
Academy, a faculty tasked with finding the reincarnated
founding ancestor, Anos resolves to enroll, solely to find
that his magic is off the charts—actually! With energy too nice
to be measured, the previous Demon King is branded a misfit.
How will he persuade demonkind that the varsity’s founder
stands earlier than them? Thus begins a misfit’s climb to the highest of the demon hierarchy!

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