Household Rating
Sazae-sanFuji TVMay 22 (Sun)18:3030 min.7.5
Detective ConanNTVMay 21 (Sat)18:0030 min.6.6
Chibi Maruko-chanFuji TVMay 22 (Sun)18:0030 min.5.1
DoraemonTV AsahiMay 21 (Sat)17:0030 min.3.3
One PieceFuji TVMay 22 (Sun)09:3030 min.3.3
Crayon Shin-chanTV AsahiMay 21 (Sat)16:3030 min.3.1
Delicious Party♡PrecureTV AsahiMay 22 (Sun)08:3030 min.2.6
Spy×FamilyTV TokyoMay 21 (Sat)23:0030 min.2.5
Love All PlayNTVMay 21 (Sat)17:3030 min.2.4
Oshiri TanteiNHK-EMay 21 (Sat)09:0020 min.2.3
Animated O-saru no George (Curious George)NHK-EMay 21 (Sat)08:3525 min.2.0

The television ratings above are an estimate of the percentage of the population that watch a given program, based on data from a survey of households in Japan’s Kanto region. The ratings do not count recordings that viewers watch later.

Source: Video Research (Kanto region)