Hakusensha introduced on Monday that Kaori Yuki will launch a brand new manga in her Angel Sanctuary (Tenshi Kinryouku) franchise on April 20 within the Hana Yume Ai internet manga journal. The new manga is titled Angel Sanctuary: Tokyo Chronos (Tenshi Kinryouku: Tokyo Chronos). The first chapter may have 64 pages.

Yuki posted a number of preview photos of the manga on Twitter on Monday, and said that whereas the manga will happen after the story of Angel Sanctuary, the manga is an unbiased work.

Yuki printed the Angel Sanctuary manga in Hakusensha‘s Hana to Yume journal from 1994 to 2000, and the manga had 20 volumes. The manga impressed a three-episode OVA in 2000 that Central Park Media and later Media Blasters launched in English.

Viz Media printed all 20 volumes in English, and it describes the story of the primary quantity:

Why is Setsuna so blended up? Despite his makes an attempt to be noble, he’ll combat anybody anytime; he ignores all authority; and he harbors emotions for his sister that may solely be described as “incestuous.” Why is he such a multitude? The motive could also be discovered with two demons from the underworld and their enemy, an insane angel who’s distributing an insidious pc sport referred to as Angel Sanctuary.

Viz Media additionally printed two artbooks for the collection in English.

Viz Media has additionally printed Yuki’s Count Cain, The Cain Saga, Fairy Cube, Godchild, and Grand Guignol Orchestra manga in English. Yen Press has additionally printed Yuki’s Demon from Afar and Alice in Murderland manga in English. Kodansha Comics publishes Yuki’s Beauty and the Beast of Paradise Lost manga in English.

Sources: Kaori Yuki‘s Twitter account, Hana Yume Ai’s Twitter account