Amazon is itemizing that storywriter Kensuke Koba and illustrator Natsuko Uruma’s Can’t Stop Cursing You (Dareka wo Norowazu ni Irarenai kono Sekai de) manga will finish in its fourth quantity. The quantity is slated to ship on April 7.

Yen Press is releasing the manga in English, and it describes the primary quantity:

It was simply an extraordinary day at Yami High..till it wasn’t. A ringing cellphone and the splatter of blood marked the start of a lethal sport. The guidelines: Contractor Mikiya has thirty days to curse-kill thirty people-or meet a destiny worse than demise. On the opposite facet, Curse-Breaker Saeyama should establish the killer… with out falling prey to considered one of Mikiya’s curse-kills. Only time will inform who will emerge victorious…

Yen Press will launch the manga’s third quantity in English on April 26.

Koba and Uruma launched the manga on Square Enix‘s Manga Up! app and Gangan Online web site in 2019. Square Enix printed the manga’s third quantity in Japan in April 2021.

Source: Amazon