The offiical website online for the live-action assortment adaptation of Ayumi Komura‘s Kami-sama no Ekohiiki (Favoritism of the Gods) manga revealed on Wednesday a visual and further solid.

The newly launched solid consists of:

  • Sei Matobu as Ema Amano, Yashiro’s mother
  • Hisae Morishita as Sakuya Tendō, Kagura’s mother
  • Oolong ta Yoshida as Takeru Tendō, Kagura’s father
  • Mai Ohtani as Miko Nanahara, Kenta’s mother

The current will star: (from left to correct in excessive row then in bottom row in above image)

  • Taiyu Fujiwara as Yashiro Amano
  • Hiyori Sakurada as Kagura Tendō
  • Airu Kubotuka as Kenta Nanahara
  • Yūki Furukawa as God (Kami-sama)
  • Maira Arai as Rin Torii

The assortment will premiere on Hulu on March 19.

The current will air two episodes at a time every Saturday, and may have an entire of eight episodes. Yūsaku Matsumoto is directing the gathering, and Ayako Kitagawa is penning the scripts.

The live-action assortment is the third in a collaboration between Shueisha‘s Margaret journal and Hulu. The completely different two initiatives had been based mostly totally on Zakuri Satō‘s Mairu no Vich manga and Miyoshi Tomori‘s A Devil and Her Love Song manga.

Komura’s manga centers on Yashiro, a highschool boy who visits an space shrine 100 situations to ask for confidence from the native god to confess his feelings to his buddy Kenta. When he lastly does it, Kenta turns him down, saying to Yashiro that he solely likes girls. While heartbroken, he has an accident and dies. When he is launched once more to life by the god to whom he prayed, the god informs him that he has given him a model new life as a highschool lady, and a chance to repeat his confession to Kenta in his new form.

Komura launched the manga in Margaret in March 2017. The manga ended with 5 volumes in June 2018.

Viz Media printed Komura’s Mixed Vegetables manga in print and digital varieties in North America. The American Library Association’s Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) division listed the first Mixed Vegetables amount among the many many “great graphic novels for teens” printed in 2009.

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