Toei launched on Friday that scriptwriter Hiroo Matsuda handed away on March 24 of malignant lymphoma. He was 88.

Matsuda wrote scripts for the 1968-69 live-action Vampire television anime sequence based totally on Osamu Tezuka‘s The Vampires manga. Matsuda moreover wrote scripts for the live-action Giant Robo television sequence from 1967-1968. He moreover wrote scripts for the long-running Playgirl live-action sequence.

He moreover wrote scripts for films harking back to Pride: Unmei no Toki, Tengoku no Taizai, Jingi no Hakaba (Graveyard of Honor), Hanaichimonme (Gray Sunset), Shasō, Sonogo no Jinginaki Tatakai, and plenty of additional.

Matsuda was born in Kyoto in 1933. He graduated from Kyoto University’s division of literature in 1958 and joined Toei that exact same 12 months working as an assistant director at a film studio. He then transferred to the studio’s planning division in 1962 and started work as a scriptwriter.

Image © Toei

Source: Press launch