The April topic of Square Enix‘s Big Gangan journal revealed the final word chapter of Medamayaki‘s Uso to Kiss wa Hōkago ni (After School Love Affairs) manga on Friday. The manga’s second and shutting compiled e guide amount will ship on May 25.

Medamayaki launched the manga in Big Gangan in March 2021. Square Enix revealed the manga’s first compiled e guide amount on October 25.

The manga services on the connection between Rin and Momoka, two childhood associates. When Rin’s household life is upended after her promiscuous mother suffers penalties, she is taken in by Momoka’s family, and Momoka turns right into a helpful pillar in Rin’s life. But as they grew older, Momoka entered into relationship after relationship with males, and Rin could not help nevertheless see the actions of her mother mirrored in her pal. When Rin asks Momoka to stop, Momoka asks Rin to love her as a substitute.

Medamayaki launched the manga adaptation of Shinobumaru‘s The Haunted Bookstore – Gateway to a Parallel Universe (Wagaya wa Kakuriyo no Kashihonya-san -Ayakashi no Jō to Haraiya no Shōnen-) novels on Micro Magazine‘s Comic Elmo website online in May 2020. Micro Magazine revealed the manga’s second amount in August 2021. Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed every the manga and the distinctive novels. It launched the first amount of the manga on March 15, and the second novel amount on March 22.

Source: Big Gangan April topic