Japanese gaming info site Famitsu revealed on Thursday that Nippon Ichi Software will launch a remaster of Vanillware’s GrimGrimoire PlayStation 2 sport titled GrimGrimoire OnceMore for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The sport will launch in Japan on July 28. Nippon Ichi Software streamed an announcement trailer:

The 2D real-time approach sport’s remaster will embody improved high-resolution visuals, new voice recordings, and new choices paying homage to “Great Magic” and “Skill Trees.” There will most likely be new fast-forward and in-battle save selections, along with a model new onerous challenge.

The cast incorporates:

Iori Saeki as Lillet Blan

Miharu Hanai as Margarita Surprise

Teruo Seki as Gammel Dore

Hiromichi Tezuka as Advocat

The distinctive sport launched for PS2 in 2007 in Japan and inside the West.

Source: Famitsu.com by the use of Gematsu