TV Tokyo introduced on Saturday that the Pokémon anime franchise is getting a one-hour particular to commemorate the anime’s 25th anniversary. The particular will air on April 1 at 6:55 p.m. on TV Tokyo and its associates.

The particular will characteristic the sibling characters Citron (Clemont) and Eureka (Bonnie), who featured within the Pokémon XY and Pokémon XY & Z collection. Yuuki Kaji reprises the position of Citron and Mariya Ise reprises the position of Eureka within the particular.

The particular will characteristic two components: “Satoshi to Citron! Yūjō Dai Tokkun!!” (Satoshi and Citron! Friendship Super Special Training) and “Hyper Class! VS Tennōji Dracaena” (Ultra Class! VS Kalos Elite Four Drasna). In the story, Satoshi (Ash) visits Citron and Eureka as the following Pokémon World Coronation Series will happen within the Kalos area in Lumiose City. Satoshi and Citron bear particular coaching to allow them to take on Dracaena.


Pokémon Journeys: The Series premiered on TV Tokyo and its associates in Japan in November 2019, two days after the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield video games shipped worldwide. The first 12 episodes of the anime debuted within the United States on Netflix in June 2020, and the service added new episodes quarterly. The anime additionally premiered on the Canadian tv channel Teletoon in May 2020.

Netflix premiered Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series on September 10. The second a part of the anime debuted on Netflix on January 21.

Sources: PR Times, Mainichi Shimbun’s Mantan Web