The official Twitter account for Science SARU‘s upcoming television anime Yurei Deco (moreover written as You0 DECO — the amount zero is pronounced “rei” in Japanese) posted a model new teaser promotional video and visual on Friday. The video introduces the anime’s story and characters.

The story is about in Tom Sawyer Island, an “data metropolis” the place actuality and our on-line world overlap. The inhabitants use Decos (Decoration Customizers), seen data devices they should embed in their eyes, to juggle their lives in every actuality and the digital home usually referred to as Ultra Reproduction Space. The mutual societal price usually referred to as “love” might be represented and displayed as a numerical score, and the balancing of these scores outcomes in a harmonious society. People can enhance their Decos by accumulating a whole lot of “love,” so the inhabitants maintain themselves busy accruing “love.”

Rumors have been spreading just a few “0 Phenomenon” — the mysterious draining of “love” scores by a Phantom 0 on the island. A woman named Berry (pictured above) was hit by the “0 Phenomenon” and have grow to be a “Ghost” — an invisible entity wih no residential logs. Berry meets a wonderful Ghost hacker named Hack (beneath) and joins a Ghost detective firm to unravel the thriller of the 0 Phenomenon. As she unravels the case, Berry come nearer to the truth hidden on Tom Sawyer Island.

The tagline in the visuals above reads, “I’m a Ghost, but I still exist.”

The musical artists contributing to the anime are mito from the group Clammbon, Kōtarō Saitō, and Yebisu303. Clammbon has carried out theme songs for such anime as Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World, Polar Bear’s Café, and She and Her Cat -Everything Flows-. mito has composed anime soundtracks for such anime as Flip Flappers, and Alice & Zoroku beneath the alias TO-MAS.

The anime’s Twitter account had been teasing the endeavor with transient motion pictures and key phrases: “Love,” “Yūrei” (ghost), “Tom Sawyer Island,” “0,” “Utopia,” “Giga Tera Zetta,” “Detective Agency,” “Customer Center,” “Ultra Reproduction Space,” and “Decoration Customizer.”

Tomohisa Shimoyama (Super Shiro) is directing the anime, and Dai Sato (Eureka Seven script supervisor, 10 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex episodes, three Cowboy Bebop episodes) is in price of assortment scripts.

The anime will premiere in July.

Source: Yurei Deco anime’s Twitter account