The live-streamed “Shine Post Official Strategy Meeting” debuted the first full promotional video for the anime of writer Rakuda and illustrator Buriki‘s Shine Post delicate novel sequence on Saturday. The video introduces the story’s up-and-coming idols throughout the TINGS group, and likewise declares the anime’s July premiere.

The anime will premiere throughout the AnichU timeslot on the NTV channel and likewise on BS NTV in July. The solid of the TINGS and HY:RAIN groups will appear in an event at Tokyo’s Yamano Hall on May 14. The event will start with the earliest advance screening of the first episode.

The anime’s solid comprises the members of TINGS:

  • Sayumi Suzushiro as Haru Nabatame
  • Moeko Kanisawa (of idol group ≠ME) as Kyо̄ka Tamaki
  • Yūko Natsuyoshi as Rio Seibu
  • Rimo Hasegawa as Yukine Giongi
  • Rika Nakagawa as Momiji Itо̄

Playing the story’s rival idol group HY:RAIN are:

  • Yū Serizawa as Ren Kurogane, HY:RAIN’s chief. She is within the equivalent highschool as Haru, which makes their relationship increasingly more subtle.
  • Kurumi Takase as Aoba Karabayashi, the older of the Karabayashi sisters, and whose collected demeanor lends herself to being an older sister decide to the group often.
  • Miyu Kubota as Itoha Karabayashi, the youthful of the Karabayashi sisters, and doubtless probably the most aggressive HY:RAIN member.
  • Tomoyo Takayanagi as Nanoha Hiumi, whose reticence hides a string drive to be an idol.
  • Arisa Kōri as Yawara Naekawa, the oldest in HY:RAIN alongside Aoba, and whose aggressive gymnast earlier lends her a bonus in dance maneuvers.

The completely different solid members embody:

  • Ayaka Ohashi as Hotaru
  • Iori Noguchi as Nanami Totsuka
  • Kiara Saitō as Miina Hirose

The anime is part of Konami Digital Entertainment and Straight Edge‘s Shine Post multimedia idol enterprise, which moreover includes a sport by Akihiro Ishihara (The [email protected], Love Plus, Uma Musume Pretty Derby), a manga in Kadokawa‘s Monthly Comic Alive journal, and live performance occasions.

Kei Oikawa (Uma Musume Pretty Derby) is directing the anime at Studio KAI. SPP is in command of the sequence scripts. Tatsuto Higuchi (Revue Starlight) is writing the scripts with Rakuda, who will also be credited as a result of the creator of the distinctive novel sequence and for conceiving the world view. Yoshihiro Nagata (Macross Delta) is designing the anime characters based on Buriki‘s distinctive character designs. Yōhei Kisara (Love Live! School idol enterprise) of Stray Cats is producing the music.

Rakuda and Buriki launched the Shine Post: Nee Shitteta? Watashi o Zettai Idol ni Suru Tame no, Goku Futsū de Atarimae na, to Bikkiri no Mahou (Shine Post: Did You Know? The Most Ordinary, Natural, and Unique Magic to Make Me an Absolute Idol) delicate novel on October 8. The two beforehand collaborated on the Ore wo Suki na no wa Omae Dake ka yo delicate novel sequence that moreover impressed a television anime.

Sources: Shine Post anime’s website online, Comic Natalie