This 12 months’s ninth problem of Shonengahosha‘s Young King journal launched on Monday {{that a}} new on-line journal Young King Lambda will launch on May 25, and it will focus on isekai (alternate world) manga.

An official Twitter account opened for the journal and revealed that writer Yū Fujiyama (Final Fantasy XIV: Kimi no Kizu to Bokura no Kizuna) and artist Shizuku Ichigono (Ichigo no Hishosama, Kaika no Susume, Strawberry Tril) will launch a model new manga titled Relic/Underground (pictured above correct and below) throughout the journal’s first problem. The manga depends on Fujiyama’s novel of the equivalent establish, which launched on the Kakuyomu web novel website online in September 2021.

Ichi Sayo (Ensemble Stars! manga) will launch the Jokeiji to Hannin no Otomege Tensei ~Mokushо̄ wa Kо̄ryoku Taishо̄ no Naka~ (Reincarnated as a Female Officer in a Criminal Otome Game: The Objective is to Capture the Target) manga (pictured below) throughout the first problem.

Young King‘s subsequent problem on April 25 will operate an “issue 0” for the model new journal, which might preview the manga for the first problem. The journal teases illustrations by Ichigono and Hiro.

Other magazines in Shonengahosha‘s Young King family embody Young King Ours and Young King Ours GH.

Sources: Young King problem 9, Young King Lambda’s Twitter account