Singer-songwriter Mafumafu announced on Sunday that he will be going on an indefinite hiatus from his solo career to recuperate his health. He will perform at his solo live concerts at the Tokyo Dome on June 11 and 12 before starting his hiatus.

Mafumafu explained that he has not been feeling well for several years, so he hopes he can recuperate if he stops performing for now. After the June 11-12 concert, he will also reduce his online presence, including on social media services. During the hiatus on his solo peforming career, he will concentrate on his composing work, and he intends to continue collaborating with other artists and release music.

In February 2020, Mafumafu‘s staff found him unconscious at his home after they went there for a planned meeting. A later medical examination revealed that Mafumafu fell unconscious due to cardiogenic shock (Adams-Stokes syndrome), although he eventually resumed his work schedule.

The singer has performed theme songs for such anime as The Moment You Fall in Love and Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage, and has also performed alongside singer Soraru in the “After the Rain” vocal duo for such anime as Clockwork Planet and Atom The Beginning. Most recently, the duo performed the theme song “1.2.3” for the recent Pocket Monsters anime, and Mafumafu also contributed to Hortensia Saga, takt op. Destiny, Salaryman’s Club, and Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It. r=1-sinθ.

Source: Music Natalie