Ski Jumping Pairs parody CG anime creator Riichiro Mashima and talent Junichi Mogi announced in a livestream on YouTube on April 29 that the franchise is getting a new work.

The anime franchise centers on fictitious and comedic ski jumping competitions featuring at least two athletes on the same pair of skiis making poses or performing other impossible feats while ski jumping.

Mashima originally created the franchise as his graduation project for Japan’s Digital Hollywood animation school. The anime installments then began launching on DVD in 2002, and became an unexpected hit. The debut work won an Excellence Award at the 7th Japan Media Arts Festival in 2003. The Ski Jumping Pairs: Road to Torino, 2006 feature-length film then released in 2006.

The franchise also includes a PlayStation 2 game that released in 2006 and a smartphone game that released in 2012.

Source: Avex PicturesYouTube channel, Oricon via Hachima Kikō