Streaming service Viki revealed on May 5 that it has added the live-action series of Yumi Tamura‘s Do not say mystery (Mystery to Iu Nakare) manga.

The service also added the following live-action adaptations of manga:

  • 49 Days with A Merman
  • 60 Minutes Until the First Love Affair
  • Anitomo series and movie
  • Boys Over Flowers
  • Boys Over Flowers 2
  • The Full-Time Wife Escapist
  • A Man Who Defies The World of BL 2
  • Melancholy of the Betrayed
  • Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice but to Kiss!
  • Only Just Married
  • Promise Cinderella
  • Rinko-san Wants to Try
  • Rokuhoudou Colorful Days

AsianCrush has also added the following:

  • Afro Tanaka
  • Detective Conan: The Letter of Challenge
  • Hakuōki: Sweet School Life
  • The Legend Of The Stardust Brothers
  • Love Is Phantom
  • Mei’s Butler
  • Mischievous Kiss
  • Mischievous Kiss 2
  • My Little Lover
  • Seto and Utsumi
  • Soul Flower Train
  • Tomie: Unlimited
  • Wakako Zake
  • Wakako Zake 2
  • You’re My Pet

The live-action Do not say mystery series premiered on January 10.

Thanks to Jordan Scott for the news tip.

Sources: Viki‘s Twitter account and website, AsianCrush