Manga creator Mieri Hiranishi launched on Friday that Viz Media will publish the English mannequin of her The Girl That Can’t Get a Girlfriend (Kanojo ga Denai Onna) manga.

Hiranishi posted a video to make clear the knowledge (viewers can toggle on the English subtitles for the beneath video):

Hiranishi outlined throughout the video that she was planning to self-publish the web manga, nonetheless publishers approached her as a substitute to publish the work.

Viz Media will publish the manga in English beneath its “Viz Originals” label.

The manga is at current available with out price in English to study on such firms as Webtoons and Tapas, and in Japanese on pixiv.

Hiranishi initially wrote the semi-autobiographical manga in class, after which further not too way back redrew the sequence and posted it on-line.

Sources: Mieri Hiranishi’s Twitter account, Viz Media‘s Twitter account by means of Okazu