The company Enkikaku reported on Monday that voice actor Norihiro Inoue handed away due to esophageal most cancers on February 28. He was 63. His kinfolk held a personal funeral.

Inoue acted first in live-action tv collection, movies, and stage productions earlier than delving into voice performing in anime. He appeared in such works because the detective collection Taiyō ni Hoero!, the historic NHK Taiga dramas Tokugawa Yoshinobu and Aoi Tokugawa Sandai, and the movie Sorobanzuku. He dubbed into Japanese Anthony Edwards’ character Mark Greene in ER and Dominic Keating’s character Malcolm in Star Trek: Enterprise.

His main debut position in anime was in 1998 because the voice of (*63*) Hiraga Keaton on the Master Keaton anime. He voiced Atlas within the Metropolis anime movie in 2001. In the 2003 Gunslinger Girl anime, he voiced Angelica’s handler Marco. He voiced the trainer Takamichi T. Takahata within the Negima!? anime in 2006. Also in that 12 months, he voiced what would maybe be his most iconic voice-acting position exterior Japan: Schneizel El Britannia in Code Geass, the half-brother of protagonist Lelouch, and one of many story’s most persistent antagonists.

Image from Nikkan Sports

Sources: Enkikaku, Nikkan Sports through Hachima Kikō